Become a Coach

The mission of the coach is to accompany the VSE manager in the development of his company by using digital technology as a key element of success  

Would you like to be a coach in communication and management of small businesses?


We provide you with all the tools and personnel necessary to independently manage the services the network can offer to your future clients.
You are responsible for client relations and business development. We provide you with all the administrative and communication frameworks: billing, project management, reporting, prospecting, CRM, CMS, SEO tools and theoretical and practical training.
Want to change your life and think you have the potential to run your own business and practice digital coaching? If so, take the opportunity to explore our unique offering in the digital market.  


What does a coach do?


The coach works in close collaboration with the manager and his team to analyze the business and propose development solutions which, once selected, are implemented. 

The method used by the coach is based on the fundamentals of business development (whatever their size) and is adapted to the specificities of the coached VSE.

The value proposition of our coaches is to combine the know-how of a consultant with a customized digital platform to support the manager and his company.

The benefits of becoming a Logicake coach:

  • Be independent


  • To make a decent living


  • Be part of a group and contribute to the economic development of local SMEs.


  • Share experiences between peers


  • Rely on shared resources and a proven method

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Logicake digital coach?



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