Solutions in management
and communication
for SMEs
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The Logicake suite:
A unique approach
to the management of SMEs
Meet with one of our consultants
The Logicake suite:
A unique approach
to the management of SMEs
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Individual or integrated modules adapted to smaller companies  

Simplicity and efficiency at the heart of our approach. To each his own Logicake.

Logicake is a software package that facilitates the search for information due to its design based on access to information accessible through a a multitude of starting points. Logicake is a tool that adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. Our value proposition is singular for the growth and management needed in small and very small businesses.

Present for their digital transformation  

Independent health care professional

Want to have great visibility, control your work hours, track files and reduce administration time?

Head of the company

Want to supervise what's going on, increase your sales, improve your customer service, get your internal management in order?


Want to sell your products (in-store or online), control inventory and cash flow, and serve your customers better?


Want to make yourself known, implement good management and communication practices, make your dream a reality?

Modular tool to adapt to the smallest budgets and scalable tool to adapt to the most demanding needs.

Logicake offers a complete "skeleton" to transmit your business intelligence, all with the help of a consultant. With Logicake you integrate and automate the management and communication of your business.

Some numbers…

Number of Logicake users


Average client size


Number of active platforms


Logicake is the functional solution you need

A time-saving tool

a saving of time which makes it possible to go to the essential and to work from everywhere while having a certain freedom

Logicake gives you access to everything, everywhere

It's practical, everything is on the same support, everywhere

Logicake, like digital technology, is an ambivalent tool

It's empty and huge at the same time: you can do so many things with Logicake, and without good role management, you can quickly get lost and underuse the platform.

Logicake's commitments to your company

Report a visible and rapid return on investment

Be simple and integrated into the organization's processes

A stable and reliable solution over time

Serving people (customers or employees)

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