The Logicake suite:
A unique approach
to the management of SMEs
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Solutions in management
and communication
for SMEs
Meet with one of our consultants
The Logicake suite:
A unique approach
to the management of SMEs
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The most comprehensive
web platform
on the market

A platform for better management!  

Your digitalisation is our commitment!  


We help you gain visibility, control your working hours, keep better track of files and reduce your administration time!

Company Manager

We'll help you better supervise what's going on, increase your sales, improve your customer service and better regulate internal management!


We help you sell your products, control stocks and cash flow and serve your customers in the best possible way!


We'll help you make a name for yourself, introduce good management and communication practices and make your dream come true!

Discover the Logicake platform

Key features:

The features:

Cloud-based platform (SAAS): security, data backup, no need for local infrastructure and maintenance

Platform rental: limited initial investment

Scalable platform:

  • Ability to add functionality as and when you need it (and at your own pace)
  • Possibility of customising features to meet your company's specific needs.

Integrated platform: all functionalities and data coupled in the same environment (no integration problems when adding functionalities)

Modular platform: design based on standard modules means competitive costs

Some figures for 2023...

# of emails

500 000

# Appointment

6 000

# Interventions

30 000


A modular, scalable tool that meets the most modest budgets and the most demanding requirements.

Logicake offers a complete and flexible "framework", ideal for conveying your business intelligence. Our team guarantees you top-of-the-range support. With Logicake, you can integrate and automate the management AND communication of your business.

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