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Logicake offers a reliable, fault tolerant and secure environment for web hosting. 

We allow you to sleep soundly because you can be sure that competent people are doing a proper job. The hosting is built to ensure high availability.


Your credit card numbers, bank account information, and payment gateway account data are encrypted in our database using AES, so if you see a padlock icon next to Logicake's URL, no one but you can access your sensitive data.




Web page redundancy is achieved by mirroring the application layer (WEB) for each pair of production servers. Databases are configured in bi-directional replication - this provides redundancy at the database level, as we always have a live hot copy.


Your data and applications are stored in multiple geographically secure locations. Even if your main server suffers a hardware failure, which is highly unlikely, another set of servers in another location will seamlessly take over its functions. 


All backups are performed in a way that facilitates the restoration of a single application.
We store backups in a dedicated backup space with built-in redundancy. 
Systems are monitored and controlled at all times.


Each night, your data will be backed up and replicated to multiple instances in different locations. This ensures that no single failure will result in data loss. Even in the event of a major disaster, your data will be quickly restored.

Managed hosting

All websites are protected by SSL certificates signed by the Let's Encrypt certification authority. Domains are assigned to failover IPs, which allows switching to the secondary server in seconds without having to wait for DNS propagation.

Access to the servers is limited by a firewall and is only possible using a dedicated virtual private gateway. Only personnel with VPN access can access the machines.


Logicake's infrastructure is hosted by Amazon Web Services and OVH, two of the world's largest and most trusted web services companies. They offer fast support and have numerous solutions for worst case scenarios.

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