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Module for Marketing Campaigns

Marketing by Email and SMS, Personalized and Catchy. 

With the Marketing module, make your brand and communications shine with an intuitive and customizable email design tool!  Create designs and texts that reflect your corporate image and are consistent with your overall communication.


Don't waste time sending mass emails and SMS with Outlook or Gmail, the Marketing module allows you to automate the sending of messages to your customers, prospects and suppliers. In a few clicks, you can send mass emails and SMS, regardless of the size of your database.  

In a blink of an eye:

  • Creation of personalized email and SMS templates 
  • Creation of mailing lists based on customer/prospect profiling.
  • Automation of mailing sequences
  • Statistics on opens, clicks and interactions
  • Subscription/registration management
  • Adapted to the RGPD regulations

Customize your audience and track your statistics. 

The Marketing module offers you precise statistics to efficiently measure the opening rate of your emails, the distribution, the click rate of your messages and much more! 
Use the full potential of the Marketing module for your email marketing campaigns and thanks to the email and SMS personalization tool, you will have all the cards in hand to build loyalty and reach your goals! 
Organize. Automate. Create. Build customer loyalty. Start now !

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