Construction managementsimpler than ever

Exactly what you need to have
total control of your business.

Practical time management

People responsible for assembling and reserving company resources, such as machines, tools or vehicles. You get a clear solution in the form of a specially configured calendar, where the reservation of individual resources and their groups is displayed on a timeline (day, week or month). You can quickly check their availability, plan their further use and assign other tasks to them.
  • Complete change of the calendar
  • Unlimited creation, modification and cancellation of appointments.
  • Notification and comment system.
  • Display of projects and tasks in the calendar.
  • Deadline control and approval/archiving of tasks.

A database of information on your company's resources.

During implementation, we can configure the system for your company so that a separate file is created for each room, elevator and corridor of your investments, as well as for each machine or equipment you rent. With such a file, you can individually link e-mail correspondence, documents, orders, projects or customers, for example. You have easy access to the complete history of your products.
  • Clear interface for resource management
  • Access to statistics and reports
  • Efficient management of employees, machines, work sites

Managing the website has never been easier.

Fast and efficient website editing will make your business a permanent success. Easily adding elements to your website will result in better online visibility, and the always up-to-date news and information will not let your customers forget you.
  • Simple modification of pages
  • Better visibility on the web
  • Always up-to-date data

Take care of your customers, everything is organized.

Take care of your customers, everything is in order.aYour salon can provide an unprecedented quality of service. With Logicake, you will delight your customers with your reliable memory and excellent knowledge of their needs. You can easily cultivate a positive relationship with them and make them love you from the first visit.
  • Ability to record additional information
  • Tools to strengthen customer relationships
  • Effective customer management

A simple overview of your construction company's statistics.

Viewing all the statistics you need in your business has never been easier or more transparent. Now, no resources are wasted in your construction company. Everything will remain in use and under the full control of management.
  • Statistics on all your resources
  • Clear interface
  • Greater efficiency in resource management

Simple and clear menus
to make your work enjoyable.

4 simple rules for your new reality.

From the main menu, you have access to all the modules you need for your daily work.
Each module has subordinate elements, so they are always at hand.
and Easy Access
Menus always visible and easily accessible from any level of the Logicake application.
There is always space
It is always possible to add additional modules to facilitate your work.

Simple and functional payment management.

Fast and transparent payments directly into our Logicake system. Simple management of services, lists and tracking of paid and unpaid invoices. Everything so that you know everything quickly and easily and that you don't miss anything in your salon management.
  • Payment system
  • Email and sms notifications
  • Follow-up and management of invoicess

Stay in touch with your customers at all times.

With Logicake, you will always be kept informed. Our system offers you email and SMS notifications, so you never miss a customer. With Logicake, you can easily and comfortably know what's going on around the world.
  • Email Notifications
  • Notifications by SMS
  • Messaging system
  • Simple management of message history

Already more than 100 professionals  

use Logicake

from the Users

Logicake, these are tools entirely created according to the needs of our company, our processes and our language. Each employee has access to them wherever they are; this allows a real follow-up and thus a better profitability.
I was still working with my Excel to edit my quotes and invoices. Logicake makes me more efficient and therefore more profitable.
We are glad we chose Logicake because it is a system that is designed for customers. We used to take notes on paper all the time and now we put our we put our notes on the software no matter where we are. We find the installation schedule and the after-sales service very simple and efficient. I recommend, THANK YOU!!!
We chose to use Logicake to transmit our know-how of the management of our activity because we were using too much people's memory! Since then, we can order in advance, have more autonomy and work from anywhere. I sincerely recommend Logicake to companies looking to modernize their business..
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