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Website Module (Content Manager and SEO)

The keys to your website at your fingertips.

The Website module is a simple and powerful tool to manage the content of your site. As a true alternative to Wordpress, you have access to an affordable tool to add and modify all the content of your site yourself. The Website module meets the needs of design, editing, navigation and optimization for Google of your website. The platform gives you 100% control over all aspects of your website.

Whether you have a showcase site, an online store or a blog, the Website module offers you all the functionalities you need to build your platform efficiently. Many additional modules will enrich your experience and customize your site: team module, photo gallery module, testimonials module, job page module, achievements module and more....

In a blink of an eye: 

  • Creation and addition of content on the website
  • Customization of pages using the web page editor
  • Managing navigation
  • Adding and editing static elements
  • Library, storage and integration of images and videos
  • Manage individual sections (Team, Achievements, Gallery, Jobs, Testimonials, Events...)
  • Creation and management of your own blog
  • Tool module for Google referencing
  • Integrated and customizable contact form. 

Enhance your website with additional modules !  

Do you want to manage the forms sent to your website? Do you want to create and manage a personalized online store? Do you want to create a monthly newsletter to keep your customers informed? Accept online appointments? Conduct surveys? We have all the integrated products you need to improve the efficiency of your website!

Discover the Contacts and Prospecting module, a powerful tool that will allow you to manage all your visitors' requests from a contact form or an appointment on your website!

To manage efficiently all the content of your website and have a striking website that looks like you, try the Website module!

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