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Project Module

Increase your team's productivity.  

  • Simple and efficient project and team tracking that will save you time and money.
  • All the benefits of structured project management.
  • Manage all your projects simultaneously and intuitively
  • Efficient project structure to maximize productivity
  • Real-time overview of project progress
  • Easily organize and distribute tasks between teams
  • Adapt your tool to the needs and habits of your industry
  • Many additional modules according to your needs
  • Provide your clients with access to the progress of each project
  • Save time and money with better organized projects


In the blink of an eye:

  • Project development, phasing and tasks
  • Real-time visualization of the progress of each project
  • Capture and track work hours for each employee
  • Document sharing, notifications and comments system
  • View project and task schedules
  • Control of deadlines and approval/archiving of tasks
  • Creation of personalized forms and pdf documents

Collaborate with your teams on a centralized platform.  

Centralize all tasks, documents, discussions and validations. 

Improve the coordination of your teams. You and your teams will have an overview of all project tasks; with the project management module, you will ensure an efficient workflow and good coordination.

Evaluate and optimize in real time the work time needed to complete different projects.  

By using the Projects module on a daily basis, you will save time and money.

Logicake supports local organizations.
All our modules are designed to create or re-create the pleasure of running a business. What each of our coaches promises is to accompany you, step by step, at your own pace, on the path you take to reach your goal.

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