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Commercial Management Module

A solution to facilitate commercial and financial management. 

A solution to facilitate commercial and financial management. With the Administration module, centralize and manage all your "initial" online accounting on a single platform. This module offers managers an efficient way to save time and streamline all administration: from quotations to invoice collection and financial performance indicators. 

Your accountant will have a secure access to do his work in ideal conditions. The administration module offers many features that will save you time and increase your productivity. The templates allow you to easily create invoices with an email address, a logo, terms and conditions and a description of the services or products you sell. You can automatically email invoices and track their payment at any time.

In a blink of an eye :

  • Unlimited and easy preparation of offers, invoices and payments.

  • Create bids and contracts with electronic signature

  • Automatically send emails containing invoices, notifications and reminders.

  • Online document signing

  • Automated debt collection activities.

  • Automatic calculation of profits and sales results.

  • Integration of payment methods and online transactions.

  • Ability to manage multiple currencies and taxes.

  • Supplier management.

  • Expense management.

  • Preparation of reports and accounting tables

Features that take billing to the next level. 

Logicake is an a la carte solution to get the features you really need: add one or more online payment modules, additional currencies, integrate Paypal / Stripe / Moneris / Chase Payments / Global Payments / Monetico and others..... Use Logicake's smart library to list all your products and services and quickly add them to your offers/invoices. All the functions you need are available in this module!

Centralize all your customer data in one place, in the form of a list containing all customer information. You can then set up automatic emailing of invoices and track their payment in real time.
To reduce the time spent on invoicing and accounting, choose the Logicake team

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