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Contacts & Prospection

Effective lead and customer management for your business. 

With the Contacts & Prospection module, you will have a flexible and customizable solution for managing customers and prospects. 

Quickly and exhaustively identify all the information related to all your contacts. Create personalized information fields, add comments as the relationship with the customer evolves, save documents for each customer..... It is also an efficient way to segment customers by industry, region, type of business... you decide.

This module allows you to create and track personalized customer paths. Paths can be created to strengthen customer relationships, from first contact to after-sales service, to the final sale of the product or service. 

In a blink of an eye:

  • List, add and modify customers
  • Customize data fields
  • Add and manage documents and comments
  • Automatic feeding and management of prospecting
  • Creation of personalized actions, creation of appointments, sending of e-mails...
  • Follow-up of each client/prospect by customizable status
  • Follow-up of phone calls, e-mails and actions
  • Production of acquisition statistics 

Go further with database automation! 

The Contacts & Prospection module offers you the possibility to build a CRM according to your needs: tracking appointments, adding additional fields, automatic import from your database, adding customer status..... So many functions so that you don't miss a single opportunity! By adding the Marketing module to the Contacts & Prospection module, you will also be able to automate the sending of mass emails and SMS to your customers and prospects! Discover also the Calendar module to automatically manage your customers' appointments according to your availability, or the Administration module to automatically generate invoices from your CRM!

If you don't want to miss a single business opportunity and improve your relationship with your customers, this is the module you need!

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