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An appointment organization system

For simpler. More accessible. And high performing schedule manager

Manage your schedule more efficiently and simpler with Qibooq

For a clear vision of all your appointments

With your planner, easily manage your work schedule and your meetings to correspond to your availabilities. In just a few clicks, you will have a clear visualization of your workweeks. The management of your appointments is even simpler than ever thanks to our easy-to-use system!

Acces your scheduler from wherever you are

Find everything in one place

With Qibooq, all is found in the same place: availabilities, appointments, meeting details - all appear on your calendar thanks to an overall view. On your phone, on your computer, on your tablet, access to your planner is done simply, wherever you are, on any device.

Modify in simplicity

For an up-to-date scheduler, anytime

Modify your work hours and your appointments easily and fast - in just a few clicks! Dates, meeting duration, meeting participants, meeting subject, reminders, and information updates in just a few seconds and clicks!

Customer testimonials

For a high performing management of your prospects and your clients

All your clients and your prospects in the same place

Qibooq gives you the opportunity to manage your prospects and your clients efficiently for better follow-ups. A simple and accessible section that allows you to list your clients and prospects with information that is essential. Simpler than a planner, Qibooq allows you to manage your client database thanks to a high performing CRM - in just a few clicks!

Appointment reservations online, to make the process automatic

Exploit all the potential of Qibooq with the automization solution for all your meetings!

We will integrate an online appointment reservation system directly to your website; an adapted solution according to your needs and the information that you wish to obtain about your prospects. Once the reservation is made, the visitor and yourself will receive a notification through e-mail, and your schedule will automatically be updated!

No more need to manually organize your appointments. It is your prospects that reserve an appointment according to your availabilities - directly online!

And so much more!

All your hours and appointments in just a few minutes!
A scheduler. A person. A clear vision of your schedule. Start now!