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# Management software Comment Logicake facilite votre marketing par courriel ? 2020-11-04 READ MORE # Management software Logicake, THE SMEs' Alternative for Business Management 2020-10-20 In a society within the digital era, the impact of digital transformation had become the main concern for SMEs. To continue developping, staying competitive and organized, entrepreneurs must integrate their strategy and the management of the tools that allow them to remain high performing in all circumstances. The pandemic crisis,... READ MORE # Management software How can Logicake make teleworking easier? 2020-09-30 Since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, numerous businesses have opted to teleworking. Others, on the other hand, realized that they were behind in terms of technology. Being behind caused the impossibility of working remotely. To correct this, many businesses have equipped themselves with management programs. Numerous solutions... READ MORE # Management software The Advantages in Using a Management Program 2020-09-23 The advantages in using a management program For some months now, we are hearing a lot about the importance of digital technology. It is true that numerous businesses realized that they were not up-to-date in the digital domain. This delay is even more true for SMEs. As a matter of fact, for many, they operate with tools that are not... READ MORE # Management software Which are the highest performing project management tools today? 2020-09-08 With the arrival of smartphones some years ago, applications and software have not ceased to flourish and invade our daily life. As a matter of fact, it has never been as simple to have access to numerous applications or software. From now on, many companies develop due to the creation of their own solutions to help other firms. With a coherent... READ MORE