Management software Published on 20 October 2020

In a society within the digital era, the impact of digital transformation had become the main concern for SMEs. To continue developping, staying competitive and organized, entrepreneurs must integrate their strategy and the management of the tools that allow them to remain high performing in all circumstances. The pandemic crisis, teleworking, and the decrease of visits from clients contribute to the urgent digitization of SMEs for them to be able to stay afloat. More and more online management tools were developed throughout the years in order to offer entrepreneurs the means to centralize their management in one place, save time and costs, or even add more visibility on the Web. This is the reason why Logicake was created: to face the difficulties of SMEs to carry out their digital transformation (considering their lack of knowledge or time), Logicake presents itself as the high-performing alternative that is accessible for all entrepreneurs. 

A stable and local ecosystem of exchanges and productivity

Logicake is a management system program in CakePHP 100% Quebecois that is developed by a team that has been working for SMEs for 13 years. Logicake. Logicake proposes a local solution not only to value the Quebecois expertise in terms of technology, but also offer an alternative that offers more productivity and flexibility to small entrepreneurs. The purpose of this digital tool is to simpligy al exchanges: invoicing, project management, task distribution, automatic e-mailing... - as many tools that enable SMEs to better commuicate with their clients, their suppliers, accounting, and even with their employees. Thanks to a centralized digital platform, all the exchanges are directed, organized, and accessbile in the same place, thus enabling the better management of your SME. 

Logicake is also a productivity tool! Rather than wasting time by using different tools, managing your appointments on paper, or even taking care of your invoices by hand, in just a few clicks, you have access to all the functionalities. Say goodbye to messy paperwork everywhere, to information that gets lost or even difficult to access. All can be found on Logicake to enable you to save precious time !

Simplify administrative and organization tasks

As was mentioned earlier, one of the main problems of SMEs today is the lack of technical knowledge. The speed at which the Web evolves or the lack of time discourage entrepreneurs from digital solutions to learn and manage their businesses with tools that are some complicated to control. This is why Logicake has been designed for small entrepreneurs. The management of your company should not only be accessible, but simple to use for you to be independent and productive at the same time. With Logicake, you can take control of all of the administrative managment of your business, the creation of contracts in minutes, the automized management of your invoice, the management of your appointements... With these simple but high performing features, you will be able to save time enormously on adminisrative tasks that can be long and redundant for SMEs. 

As a matter of fact, Logicake is also an organizational dimension. From only one tool, you can efficiently manage all of your team and measure the performance of the following: project management with creation and follow-up of tasks, management of the time spent for each project, management of the content of your site... You have in your hands the control of functionalities that are simple to put in place to not waste more time on your different projects.

Offers an accessible and intuitive experience

The main advantage in an online and centralized management program is that it offers users an accessible experience. Many programs that are difficult to use are abandoned after a few months. With Logicake, all the tools that you need are not only in the same place, but they are easy to use irrespective of your technical knowledge and level. A team of experts is in your disposition to create tools that simply respond to your problems and your needs. A team is also there to train you - in real time - on the usage and the comprehension of the tools for you to be high performing. 

This alternative is designed to be intuitive. Logicake had been designed with different tools that make it be naturally understood and that it can be used by anoyone. All the tools, from the managing of projects to automatic e-mailing, ot the management of your content by going through invoicing are complimentary and easy-to-use at the same time!

A high-performing, customizable, and multifunctional tool in CakePHP

The true force of a management program is that it should be customizable in order to respond - with precision - to the needs of the entrepreneurs. This is why Logicake is 100% customizable! With this alternative, you will choose only the tools and the features that you truly need. You can have an invoice program as a system that also takes care of your content management system online or even the automatic sending of e-mails. You choose your options and there is a Logicake platform that is especially made for you.

All the Logicake platforms are unique and enable you to use only the tools that you need!

Seeing that Logicake has been created for entrepreneurs, it had to be as multifunctional as possible. In order to take on as many problems in the management of your business: your adminstrative managing or even your visibility on the Web, there is an enormous selection of features in your disposition: 

  • CRM Trackr: management of prospects with all the conversion steps automized
  • CMS Bazic: management of the content of your website (creation of pages, page setup, addition and modification of content...)
  • Qibooq: management of your appointments/meetings online
  • Project Plannr: project management with the creation, distribution, and progress monitoring of tasks...
  • Invoice Quik: Online invoice management with creation and automatic sending
  • Email Batchs: Creation of custom e-mails and automatic mailing to your database…

Based on numerous points, Logicake is the ideal alternative for SMEs that are having difficulty in carrying out their digital transformation. An accessible program, according to your image, with high performing and various tools that enable you to improve your business management. To know more about the advantages in carrying out a digital transformation and the functionalities of Logicake or pricing, contact us now! We will take our time to listen to your needs and propose you an adapted solution.