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An automated e-mailing marketing system.

A personalized marketing tool by e-mail. Automated. Retain your clients. 

Attention-grabbing and personalized marketing by e-mail 

Easily and efficiently create content for your clients, your audience, your prospects

With Email Batchs, make your brand and your communication shine thanks to an intuitive and customizable email creation tool! Elaborate designs according to the image of your business, with modules that allow you to create absolutely unique emails. 

Make your communications by email automatic 

Tools to ease mass e-mailing and its management

Don't lose any more time with mass e-mailing. Email Batchs enables you to automatically send messages to your clients, your prospects, your suppliers ; in just a few clicks, you can mass e-mail, regardless the size of your database! 

Solidly construct your database

All your clients, your prospects, your contancts in the same place.

Email Batchs enables you to easily import and feed all of your databases. Regardless whether they are your clients, your prospects, your suppliers or even your partners, all of your database is imported to the same place. Furthermore, with the module CRM Trackr, you can then manually add your new contacts or new clients, and easily organize your database . 

Personalize your audience and monitor your statistics

Reinforce your client relations with high performing monitoring tools!

Email Batchs offers you precise statististics to measure the impact of your marketing campaign by email. You can easily measure the rate in which your e-mails are opened, their publication, the click rates of your messages and so much more! An efficient statistic monitoring tool to better retain your audience! 

For marketing campaigns by email that really count!

Exploit all the potential of Emal Batchs for your marketing campaigns by email! With a customizable tool of your e-mails, the importation of your database or even the monitoring of your performance, you will have all the cards in your hand to retain your audience and accomplish your goals


And so much more !

To facilitate and optimize your marketing campaigns by e-mail, try Email Batchs now! Automate. Create. Gain the loyalty of your clients. Start now!