Management software Published on 30 September 2020

Since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, numerous businesses have opted to teleworking. Others, on the other hand, realized that they were behind in terms of technology. Being behind caused the impossibility of working remotely. To correct this, many businesses have equipped themselves with management programs. Numerous solutions exist and here we will talk about Logicake, a management platform 100% designed for SMEs. Logicake has been designed to ease your daily life in teleworking. This is why in this article, we will explain how Logicake eases working remotely. 

Work more intelligently while working remotely

Thanks to Logicake, you have access to all tools that are simple to use and are adapted to your needs. Numerous SMEs use Logicake daily and it allows them to efficiently work remotely. 

1) Remotely manage your tasks with Project Plannr 

Project Plannr is a tool from Logicake that enables you to manage your project and your tasks. In this manner, you can create tasks for your colleagues; manage them, all from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the task's commentary section to exchange and include your remarks. 

2) Organize your schedule and those of your colleagues with Qalendr

Thanks to Qalendr, you can manage not only your schedule but also those of your colleagues. You can, for example, plan a meeting together to advance on a project. 

3) Organize your consultations with Qibooq 

With Qibooq, you will benefit from a meeting manager that is 100% online. It allows you to manage all types of meetings and it adapts to your availabilities as well as your employees' in real time. It adapts perfectly to your meetings and the size of your team. In addition, your meetings are directly placed in your Qalendr. There is no more need to establish your meetings manually and physically!

Improve your work by simplifying your daily tasks

4) Manage your e-mails with Email Batchs

With Email Batchs, take advantage of our customizable and automatic email marketing tool to more efficiently increase and retain your clients. All is done online; from the creation of your e-mails, to the sending of messages.  

5) Create, personalize, send your invoice with INVOICE Quik

Thanks to INVOICE Quik, generate your invoices automatically and easily with the logo of your business in just a few clicks! Everything is online!

6) CMS Basic 

CMS Bazic is an easy-to-use and high performing platform for the management of your website. It allows you to create and edit the content of your web pages from your home. 

Logicake, your management platform designed 100% for teleworking. 

Logicake is a management platform in CakePHP. It is simple and efficient for the management of your business. It is made to perform your daily tasks from wherever you may be; at the office or at home. Be like a dozen of the Quebecois SMEs by asking to test Logicake for free!