Agenda management

Keep your diary simple and efficient.  

With the Diary module, you can easily manage your working hours and meetings according to your availability.
In just a few clicks, you'll have a clear picture of your working weeks. With Logicake, everything is centralised in one place: availability, appointments, meeting details. On your phone, on your computer, on your tablet - easy access to your calendar Offering online bookings is no longer a problem, the Calendar module integrates directly into your website. 

In the blink of an eye:

  • Intelligent calendar view (day/week/month view)
  • Unlimited creation, modification and cancellation of meetings
  • Automatic confirmation notification by e-mail and SMS.
  • Document sharing, notification and comment system.
  • Quickly view projects and tasks in the calendar.
  • Deadline tracking and task validation/archiving.
  • Adaptation to time zones for professionals on the move.

For efficient management of your prospects and customers. 

More than just a diary, the Diary module lets you manage your entire customer database with a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system, in just a few clicks. It's a module tailored to your needs and the information you want from your prospects.

As soon as an appointment is booked, you and the visitor receive notification by email or SMS, and the diary is automatically updated!

There's no longer any need to enter appointments manually - your potential customers can make appointments based on your availability directly online!

A clear view of your schedule, all the time and from anywhere.

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Logicake, the simplest lead management solution!

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