Cloud-based platform (SAAS): provides security and data backup, requires no local infrastructure or maintenance.

Rental-based platform: limited initial investment

Scalable platform:

-functions can be added as required (and at your own pace)

-Functionality can be customised to meet the specific needs of the business.

Integrated platform: all functions and data combined in the same environment (no integration issues when adding functions).

Modular platform: design based on standard modules means that competitive costs can be offered

Key features

Innovation and standardised software solutions

Logicake is the fruit of collective knowledge and custom software solutions developed for a diverse customer base.Our adventure began with a simple but ambitious vision: to create a single interface that embodies our philosophy, our functionalities and meets the evolving needs of our users. This vision gave birth to Logicake, a platform where simplicity meets versatility.

Our move to a SaaS model
(software as a service)

As it evolved, Logicake evolved to a SaaS model, integrating various custom codes into a consistent interface. This consolidation has led to the innovation of a new programming logic, enabling us to offer a robust platform that supports development, adaptability and the creation of custom solutions for each user.

Designed for
for versatility and support

Logicake is not just a platform; it is a catalyst for problem solving. Designed to be intuitive, it enables users with no prior knowledge to easily find solutions. Our platform serves as a multi-faceted tool for professionals from different disciplines, facilitating communication and business management.

Connectivity and reliability

Our commitment to versatility extends to connectivity, and Logicake is able to integrate with virtually any API available. This makes Logicake a reliable tool for freelancers and enterprises alike, streamlining operations with seamless support and integration capabilities.

A human-centred philosophy

At Logicake, we believe in the power of human support supported by artificial intelligence. Our platform reflects this philosophy, emphasising the value of customer service to ensure successful implementation and use in organisations of all sizes.

Join our adventure

We are proud of our team, our customers and the product we have created together. Discover how Logicake can transform your business. Experience the simplicity, support and versatility that has made us a trusted name in software.

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Logicake, the simplest lead management solution!

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