Management software Published on 08 September 2020

With the arrival of smartphones some years ago, applications and software have not ceased to flourish and invade our daily life. As a matter of fact, it has never been as simple to have access to numerous applications or software. From now on, many companies develop due to the creation of their own solutions to help other firms. With a coherent number of project management systems, it may be difficult to find the tool that best suits you. This is the reason why we will give you recommendations to help you find the program that is best for you. 

What is a project management tool? 

A project management program is a tool that allows you to organize a project while respecting the fixed objectives. It helps increase productivity, and have better management of tasks. Currently, almost all the companies have a project management program.

What is the purpose of these solutions?

Companies, large and small, frequently use management tools. This allows the monitoring of the progress of a project be done by you or your team. These solutions improve the organization and the oversight of the project during its development. These applications are often used to assign tasks to the employees. 

How to choose a program?

With the many project management programs, it may be difficult to make a decision. Before asking the question in which program to choose, it is important to get familiar with his or her needs. Once this is done, it is necessary to ask whether to have one that is local, on the cloud, on a subscription, for free etc.

If you do not have any specific needs, it may be interesting to take the free solution. Still, if you have specific desires, it will be necessary to reach into your wallet. Now, the question rests in knowing whether you want a program on the cloud or not. If you travel, it is preferable to have a program that does not need the internet to be able to function. On the other hand, if you do not need to move around and your Internet connection is stable, you can opt for a management solution on the cloud. 

The best management tools of the moment

To help you, we compiled a selection of the best management tools today. 

  • Monday

Monday is a management program that allows you to have an overview of your project thanks to numerous graphs, tables etc. It even allows you to automatize certain tasks without directly using coding. In addition, you can easily link your already existing programs with Monday. As a matter of fact, the platform can be linked to Excel, Slack,  Google Calendar, Shopify… 

Monday is available for a 14-day trial. It is also available for a monthly subscription. The prices vary according to the functionalities and the number of users. 

  • Zoho Project

It is probable that you are familiar with Zoho, the management program. Know that the company also proposes a project management program. If you use Zoho, you will not be lost in Zoho Project's interface for they are the same. Zoho project allows the management of tasks of Kanban type, generating Gantt diagrams. The program can be personalized according to the user's taste. It is certain that if you already use Zoho for your business, you will most likely direct yourself towards this solution. As a matter of fact, it will be very simple to link it with your current tool. 

Zoho Project is available with a 10-day trial. It is also available as a monthly or annual subscription. The prices vary according to the functionalities and the number of users.

  • Logicake, the highest performing management tool in CakePHP

Logicake, it's THE alternative Quebecois developed by an experienced team and that have been supporting SMEs for 13 years! Logicake is a project management platform whose objective is to simplfy your work. Thanks to an intuitive platform, it is extremely simple to monitor and organize your projects. The visual interface, ideal for SMEs, also allows you to monitor progress through progression bars and visualizations of the current and unfinished tasks. In just a few clicks, you can easily structure your projects, define the number of hours, distribute tasks, and monitor progress in real time! 

Logicake is available for monthly subscription or through purchase (payable in several instalments). For the SMEs who want to simplify their daily management and become more performing, without having skills, this solution is the new alternative! Contact us to find out more!



Know how to take advantage of these management tools while working from home 

While working from home, the project management programs have never been used as much. Because the majority between them function online, it allows you to remotely monitor the smooth functioning of your project. Thus, even remotely, the program allows you to stay informed on the evolution of your ambitions. 

Why these programs allow you to be more efficient 

These project management tools allow you to be efficient for your project will be broken down into several tasks. In this manner, a project that can seem long and complicated to manage is simpler. Incedentally, the tasks that need particular expertise can be delegated to the persons concerned. And the best monitoring of the project's progress with an hourly system in real time allows you to better estimate your projects and make your team more disciplined.  

The management program creation agency in Montréal and around

We offer personalized management program services to SMEs who want to get the most out of their businesses. Like 40 SMEs, you can trust Logicake - the highest performing management program in CakePHP in Quebec - in the creation of your personalized management program. In order to discuss today with one of our experts, contact us real soon!