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Simplicity and efficiency at the heart of our approach. A Logicake designed for you.

Logicake is a management program that simplifies information searching thanks to the conception of its artificial intelligence based on the availability of information accessible from a multitude of access points. Logicake is a management tool that adapts to how you work and not inversely. This radically distinguishes itself from 95% of the solutions available and accessible to small businesses today.

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Billing, task, project. and time management, emailing, online reservation, inventory, production, and SO MUCH MORE! Logicake is THE management software package (ERP). Our mission is to offer SMEs a digital platform that they can depend on in order to digitize their business processes with success. Logicake is a system that progressively adjusts to the needs of your SME.  

Works and incorporates with a multitude of applications
Here are some programs and applications that are integrated with Logicake

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