SME management Published on 28 October 2020

The Advantages of Online Classes for Private Education 


Plateforme de cours à distance en ligne

The Slow Begginings of Online Courses


Jeune fille qui suit un cours à distance sur son ordinateur

The progress in technology had completely taken over our lives and our habits. From today on, it is possible to do all (or almost all) thanks to the internet: doing groceries, entertainement, work, and taking classes online...

If the domain of education had taken more time to carry out its digital transformation, it would be much easier to be able to take classes online. Be it on Youtube or on specialized platforms for learning languages, in online schools, there are many platforms and tools that enable us to efficiently access knowledge and self-educate.

Nonetheless, do you use some of them? It is more likely that you are few that use them regularly. It's true, we mainly use online courses to learn a language, to study, but rarely to learn stitching, dance, or even cooking.

For a long time, online courses were happy to offer to the population documentation and exercise summaries in the domain of education. Today, however, with the progress in technology and the appeal of generations to digital technology, the possiblities multiply to enable you to have access to high performing self-education platforms in any domain. The tools are becoming more and more varied and accessible: documentation, varied and advanced exercises, direct follow-up, classes on video, exchanges of information...

The pandemic for the benefit of online courses and online schooling

Due to the pandemic, it is evident that a good number of people, businesses, and schools have resorted to online education. Indeed, the lockdown period enabled to identify the new needs of businesses and schools in order to provide education while avoiding in-class teaching.

It is for this reason that we want more and more online classes to emerge from different domains: sowing, dance, sport, cooking, education... These domains that were usually done in-person have realized that teaching, henceforth, has to be online in order to continue education for everyone. 

It is clear that online course are becoming more and more popular. Even if those are meant to serve as a temporary replacement for in-person education, there is still a big chance that a number of these will continue to carry out online classes in the future.

The pandemic had also contributed to the accelerated digitization of schools in order to propose accessible and efficient online classes to educate and maintain the students' attention.

Une personne entrain d'effectuer un cours en ligne sur le web


The advantages of online education

Once rarely used, online courses have had difficulty in attracting educators as well as students. Many people did not see the interest in this practice, and the possiblities were limited and even not very high performing. Since the lockdown, a good number of them now see the advantages.

Save time and gain flexibility online

Many learners find that it is more practical to not have to travel to class. This relieves stress which is understandable: how many times have you refused signing up for an activity because you do not have the time to get there? This avoids having to organize around your activity: letting your work know, hiring a babysitter for your children, prepare an extra lunch for dinner…

The advantage of taking online courses is the flexibility that this solution offers. You can follow from anywhere and anytime. You only need an Internet connection. If you miss class, you can always have access to the documents on a centralized platform.

Accessible and high performing tools for online teaching

For schools and businesses, online courses equally offer a number of advantages: no more need for classrooms, it is enough to have a program or a website, Internet connection, and you can then prepare and conduct your classes.

Numerous tools offer online courses that enable you to simulate in-person classes. With this type of platform, you can share documents, communicate with students, carry out online meetings, publish exercises, and follow their results in real time…

The advantage of online education is that learning on a platform is becoming easier. These platforms are multiplying day by day and have understood the needs of schools and businesses: having easy-to-use programs that do not take months to learn and those that are accessible to anyone.

Finally, online courses enable the digitization of all the documents that you need. No more getting lost in your papers. All can be found on one digital platform - centralized in the same place. 

A more common practice in the near future leading to the development of online schools

When the lockdown period ends, there is talk that a certain number of businesses will propose online courses. The lockdown period has not been easy for us, but it has caused the development of new methods thanks to the internet. Online courses were part of it as well. It is clear that new businesses will be created by proposing only online courses. Others will adapt their services to propose online teaching.

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