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A Collection System for Store Products

Your products sold online and for in-store pick-up. Accessible. High-performing.

Easily discover the in-store pick-up system

For a high-performing management of your products and an efficient in-store pick-up system

With Cliq N Collect, efficiently develop your sales with an all-new in-store pick-up system. Construct your product catalog and propose to your clients a pick-up system directly from your store! Nothing is simpler: you simply choose your sales location, the clients order online, and there is nothing left for them to do but pick up their order at the store! 

Personalize the sales of your products

Everything is centralized, in one place, with a unique customization

Cliq N Collect enables you to personalize your catalog as you want, in the same place! Add dynammic fields for your products, choose online payment, create availabilities and status... You can also choose delivery or in store pick-up. 

Efficiently manage your catalog   

For real time management based on your availabilities

With an innovative solution, Cliq N Collect enables you to more efficiently manage your product catalog and save more time! Make your sales automatic and monitor them through e-mail and SMS. Put in place product status according to their availabilities and your remaining stock.

Customer testimonials

Go further with numerous collection follow-up options

All your clients and prospects in the same place

Cliq N Collect enables you to reinforce your clients' sales steps with numerous options! Once the order is made, inform your clients of the date of the pick-up with an automatic progress monitor by e-mail or by SMS. Also get numerous options to personalize your catalog and automatically generate invoices with the module InvoiceQuik! 

A new cientele experience to improve your sales!

The solution Cliq N Collect marks the renewal of online retailing. Start your digital transformation now!

To save on delivery costs, to better manage your availabilities, and your stock, or even reinforce your relationship with your clients, Cliq N Collect is the ideal tool that you need for your online store! Take control of an intuitive and efficient platform that will enable you to strengthen your sales! 

And so much more!

With Cliq N Collect, simplify and better manage your sales!
One catalog. One in-store pick-up system. A client's great experience. Start now!